Well I had the best experience with the owner who is very humble and very professional very kind. She very much surprised me because she is so calm and helped me not feel at all nervous or afraid. She came to my home and made it so easy for me and we had a wonderful experience like the old fashioned times when the doctor would come to the house it was just awesome. Thank you Mrs.Sanjurjo.
— Satisfied Patient

Happy Patients


Excellent service. They show up at the promised time, know what they are doing, and the whole procedure is painless.

— satisfied patient

We just heard about Phlebexpress and a day later we had our first visit. Clean professional capable confident staff. Highly recommended for those who can't always get to the lab too easily. Thanks!

— Satisfied patient

Blood draws at laboratory locations for my special-medical-needs child have been stressful that it has been difficult to find a vein. Ms. Sanjurjo was kind and patient with my child. Just one poke and was able to fill three vials - full! Nothing like that has happened for years.

— Satisfied patient

I had overnight guests that were still sleeping and she was able to be very quite so as not to wake them, she was professional and timely.

— Satisfied patient


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