Safe, Convenient Service Focused on Patient Care.


We are a local, minority-women owned phlebotomy company currently servicing Syracuse, New York and surrounding areas. Our phlebotomists are skilled in all types of draws and are able to draw for multiple labs, nursing homes, and hospitals.


For Individuals

PhlebExpress offers safe, convenient mobile blood draw services in the comfort of your own home. There is no need to travel to a patient service center and wait in long lines—let us come to you!

Blood samples are sent to your preferred laboratory for testing, or if you don’t have a preferred laboratory, we can recommend a reputable laboratory in your area.

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For Providers

Interested in setting up scheduled hours at your clinic? With our scheduled clinic hours, you choose a day and time. We come in, draw and process your patients.

You get to spend more quality time with your patients and you don't have to worry about the lab work or hiring an extra employee.

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Why chose Phlebexpress?

We provide our phlebotomists with skilled training. Our phlebotomists provide empathy in a nurturing, caring environment. We're fast, no long wait times, safe, and we come to you!

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Our Company

We take pride in our mission to provide safe, convenient service focused on patient care. It allows us to meet the special needs of each patient and provider.


“I am so grateful to have found Mrs. Sanjurjo to do in-office blood draws. It is incredibly convenient for me and my patients. She is prompt, pleasant and very professional. Many of my patients hate having their blood drawn due to other bad experiences. Everyone of them has commented that the draw with Mrs. Sanjurjo was the easiest experience they have ever had. He drew my blood as well and I totally concur. Thank you PhlebExpress! You are providing an important and excellent service for our community.”

— Satisfied Provider


A Top 10 Service

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